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Garden advice and ideas
 Make the most of your garden

Garden advice, ideas and management with roots in plants.

Get advice on how to manage your garden, ideas on how to improve it and how to keep it looking good. At a garden advice visit, we will discuss your ideas and dreams and start a realistic plan of how to go forward, taking into account your budget, time available to garden and your garden conditions. I focus on transforming your garden through plants but am happy to discuss plans with your contractors and to create planting plans after hard landscaping has been completed.  


After the initial consultation, you have a number of options and we can tailor the approach to your needs. I keep my services flexible and can help with:


  • Designing or re-designing your garden using plants and skilled gardening


  • Getting you started in a new garden or revitalising your existing garden


  • Creative planting design suitable for the conditions in your garden


  • Sourcing materials, furniture, containers and artefacts, reclaimed and from local craftsmen


  • Hands on training for you or your gardeners


  • Making the most of your existing plants





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