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Garden design and restoration

Garden design and restoration with roots in planting

Would you like to breathe new life into your garden? Rather than tearing everything up and starting again, there is often a convincing argument for garden resuscitation. Retaining the character of a place, we use what we can from the existing planting and layout to add an instant sense of maturity to a garden and revitalise everything with new planting. Working organically with you, your garden and its conditions, we can


  • Create garden rooms with different feel, make sanctuaries, impressive borders, formal entrances and areas for play, enjoyment and the sheer joy of seeing plants grow.

  • Turn blobby shrubs into leggy beauties, trees into elegant columns, dark corners into lush areas of planting


  • Find treasures hidden in a messy, overgrown borders and use existing plants to create an established feel to new planting


  • Give plants a new lease of life in a different setting or combined with other colours and shapes. It’s a little like giving a wardrobe a clear out.


  • Rescue shrubs that have suffered from ‘pudding basin haircuts’ over a period and bring them back to natural, elegant shapes with a gracefully arching habit and many more flowers.


  • Let in light


The garden design and development process can be gradual or approached as a one off project. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach and after an initial advice and consultation visit, I will tailor make a schedule to fit your requests, requirements and budget.


Case study:

A client had recently bought a house with a large garden, including what appeared to have once been a Japanese garden but was then a tangle of bamboo, rhododendron and huge overhanging laurel. Working closely with the client to establish the feel she desired for the area, with skilful pruning we retained a lot of mature shrubs and revealed structure and shape and a great sense space. This immediately gave a mature look to the garden. Instead of trying to recreate a Japanese garden, something that only rarely looks good outside Japan, we used ironstone pots and verdant planting to create a calm area to contrast with colourful planting in other areas of the garden. At different time of year, the focus is shifted round the area as dots of colour emerges from the foliage and highlights just how many interesting plants there are for shady areas. The area is enclosed and a perfect setting for scented plants as their perfume lingers.

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